• Addressing the two most difficult tasks in GDPR, real time monitoring for data breaches and Subject Access Requests

All data on all systems are monitored in real-time

Our new technology monitors every file on every system, second by second, looking for data breaches, data leaks and the presence of unencrypted credit card information. With a powerful set of user definable rules, any information on any system can be detected. From GDPR personal data leakage, to confidential document tracking, our live monitoring solution is fast and efficient in alerting you to what you need to know

Language support

With GDPR being a European Union regulation, all our technologies currently support 64 different languages and more are being added

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New formulae for big data investigations

Search algorithms searching big data is only useful when the answers are prompt. With our new search formulae we are able to search billions of lines of information in seconds using plain English language

Subject access requests

We link into all the company's database systems, which gives you the ability to instantly search your entire company for any data, which aids in the detection of customer's private data when they submit a GDPR access request.