• SIEM Monitoring your system logs with speed efficiency and the power of innovative thinking

New detection technology for new threats

Threat detection is very much like finding a needle in a haystack, when you don't even know what the needle looks like. Many solutions base their detection processes around a set of rules, these rules are based on knowing what the needles look like. Our solution turns this on its head. Everyone knows what hay looks like, so we just remove the hay and hey-presto we are left with the needles to look at. Using this approach we have been able to discover threats that would have been missed by many technologies

We take security seriously

Everyone knows that nothing is totally secure, so we have developed our technology with security in mind. We do not use vulnerable languages like Apache, PHP, MYSQL, PYTHON, JAVA, RUBY, Microsoft IIS, .NET, Microsoft ASP etc. These tools are breached almost monthly. By reducing your security exposure you reduce your threat exposure.
All of the communication between our products and remote systems are AES256 bit encrypted, all collected data is stored in an encrypted AES database, our cloud solution also supports SSL certification. We even support SSLV3 for emailing alerts

New formulae for big data investigations

Search algorithms searching big data is only useful when the answers are prompt. With our new search formulae we are able to search billions of lines of information in seconds using plain English language

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Our SIEM management and reporting feature. This will monitor, in real-time, remote device telemetry from around your network and report directly in a single, feature-rich environment.
Designed to work with your network devices, firewalls and routers. It can detect and alert on network breaches, hacker attacks, viruses and other significant issues in a network. With a built-in alerts console and rules engine it gives you the power to monitor and manage your network vulnerabilities.
Finding breaches in network data is an almost impossible task, it’s like trying to find needles in a haystack, when you have no idea what the needle looks like.
We have taken this technology one step further. Instead of finding the needle in a haystack we simply remove the hay, and hey presto we have all the needles left. This is the fundamental process of our new SIEM solution.