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Live multi-computer monitoring

Our software has the ability to scan all computer estate on your network as it constantly monitors for GDPR breaches in real-time

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Instantly flag breaches with live alerts

As a breach occurs, our system will log details of the event and instantly alert you

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Detailed technical audits

Audit computers on your network. Using a web-interface you can get in-depth information on every system across every platform

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Remote access to GDPR device

Manage your network, estate, rules, audits, reports and more, all from your web browser

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Works in 64 languages and counting

The most recent version of our device is compatible with 64 different languages

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Compatible across the range of OS

Our device is currently compatible on Windows, Linux and Mac and SBC. Including support for 32 and 64 bit architecture

Track down the exact source of any breach

From the alerts section of the web platform you can view the source of GDPR breaches by rules, hostnames, IP address, mac address and much more.

Add specific file types to monitor

We automatically search through your network, so that no hidden breaches are overlooked in your network

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Don’t face the penalties, fines and fees…

General Data Protection Regulation mandates considerably tougher penalties than the current Data Protection Act: breached organisations can expect fines of up to 4% of annual global turnover (NB turnover, not profit) or €20 million – whichever is greater. Fines of this scale could very easily lead to business insolvency and in some cases, closure.

Data breaches are common and often, not intentional, but they tend to increase in scale and severity every day. As Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report reaffirms, “no locale, industry or organisation is bulletproof when it comes to the compromise of data”, so it is vital that all organisations are aware of their new obligations so that they can prepare accordingly.


The product utilises a remote “agent” collection program that monitors and gathers key information, second by second from Mac, Windows and Linux systems. As these systems create or alter information our agent examines the changed data for key GDPR breaches. These are defined by a set of rules which can be added to by our end users. We pre-load these rules with key search information so the system is effective out of the box. The agents then report back to the main server device. This may be a small hardware unit, a virtual image, a rack mounted server or even the cloud. The data is then sorted, organised and can either be viewed in our web engine or alerted directly to a defined email address. All the components required to install, report or view the GDPR information are self-contained within the GDPR product itself; there is no requirement for any external software or hardware to run the solution.


Included in “GDPR Livescan” is a powerful multi user web-based alerting screen, which shows you exactly where breaches can occur and the type of breach. This is a full audit trail of all alerts which can be sent via email the instant a potential breach is discovered.