• We are at the very forefront of network security, technology development and integration. Supplying our customers with pioneering technology.
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    Security, information and event management. A sophisticated modern approach to big data analytics and threat detection

    GDPR is now law. We market a totally unique solution for monitoring and detecting non compliant data in real-time and searching instantly all corporate databases for subject access requests

    Asset management we give you fidelity and rapid cross platform auditing. Our live monitoring technology delivers faster auditing. We can collect over 1,000 pieces of telemetry from a single system

    Real-time enterprise wide backups. The second you save a document our solution is encrypting it and backing it up. If you ever get hit by ransomware all your data is safe

    Fast and easy to use encryption using MillionBitEncryption technology. Protect your data in ANY cloud and at desktop level with one mouse click!